About us

We love people and we love coffee.

Matthew 25 Project combines our love for both people and coffee to help raise funds for World Missions.

Back in 2018, we traveled on our first mission trip. We traveled to Belize and then to Petén Guatemala to visit neighborhood day schools that were reaching children in poverty. Seeing the children and families in Guatemala changed our lives forever. We came back home determined to support world missions.

When we came home, we looked for ways to generate more money for projects which we care about. We prayed for a way to generate regular income for missionaries and the projects they serve. After a year of investigating and trying different ideas we started our own coffee brand. 

The Idea Was Simple....Enjoy Fresh Coffee while Supporting World Missions Projects.

We decided to launch Matthew 25 as a support organization that uses a dropship model to raise money for mission projects. We looked for the right partners and supplies to make sure we could get an excellent product for our customers. We also searched for the most convenient way for our shoppers to get their order quickly.

Once we had the right partners and resources in place, we launched our online store and started selling online through direct sales. We also launched a coffee fundraiser where organizations buy the coffee wholesale from Matthew 25 and use profits to fund their projects. We also found a way to set up our mission partners as affiliates on our site so they could raise funds by referring their followers to our page.

Since then, we have raised support for individual missionaries, helping them generate support that helps them stay in the field. We also have raised funds for emergency relief and helped churches grow support for their mission programs.

We are blessed to work with Matthew 25 and are excited to see how God uses this company to reach others with the love of Christ.

Scott & Linda Grizzle